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Stand : 2B17
LLC Domenic/Agro Industrial

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Agro-Industrial Alliance is the group of companies in Ukraine. Zhytomir Meat Producing Company as a part of the Group is one of the biggest Meat Factories and Beef Slaughterhouses in Ukraine with the full-scale production of meat and meat products such as Dry/ half-dry sausages, cold cuts/ chicken, turkey fillet, beef ham. Andrushevskiy Dairy Plant as a part of the Group is one of the largest producers of high-quality dairy products: butter, blended butter/ spread, cheese, mozzarella, whey powder, processed cheese, cream-cheese We believe that the best way to always move forward starts with producing high-quality products, collaboration in-between Us and meeting each other’s desires and requirements. We are always eager to do it Together with our Customer!

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Country: Ukraine